Premier Metals custom metal roofing and siding in Ohio
Premier Metals custom metal roofing and siding in Ohio

Discover The Difference Of Premier Metals

Located in the rolling hills of Ohio's Amish Country, Premier Metals is the manufacturer of high quality seamless metal roofing and siding products. We, at Premier Metals, understand that it is a privilege to be involved in your building project. Each of Premier Metal's custom metal products is manufactured from the highest quality materials.

Lamar Troyer is the owner and founder of Premier Metals. Founded in 2007, it was the realization of a dream for Lamar. He worked with JD Metals in Chuckey, Tennessee for 9 months in 2006 and brought this expertise home to start his own metal roofing and siding company. Lamar's dedication to customer service and quality is quite evident in all he does.

  • Premier Metals is staffed by a knowledgeable and helpful customer service team that encourages you to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have.
  • Not all metal roofing and siding is created equal! See our products page for details on the specs of Premier Metals' products.

Let us know how we may help you...

~ Lamar Troyer

Our Values


Adhere to moral and ethical principles,soundness of moral character; honesty: we do the right thing even when no one is watching, we speak and uphold truth, we are willing to own one's mistakes and we set a good example for others.

Team Work:

Cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of Premier Metals personnel acting together as a team or in the best interests of a common cause: we empathize with each other, we are able to give and take corrective criticism while focusing on the work that needs improvement and not the individuals, we leave egos behind: there is no (I) in team work.


Looking for the accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort: we make good use of one's time.


The state of being accountable, liable, or answerable: we take responsibility for our actions.


Something newly introduced, such as a new method or device: we are open to and nurture new ideas

Customer Service:

Assistance and other resources that Premier Metals provides to the people who buy or use it's products and services: we make our customers success our goal, we value their input, we are fast and accurate, we own up to our mistakes with humility and make them right in a timely fashion, we go the second mile to satisfy the customer's needs.