Residential Metal Roofing in Central Ohio
I want to thank you for doing orders that I needed at the last minute. Keep up the quality way of business, also thank you for taking care of warranty problems we had.
Joe, Miller's Roofing
It has been great working with Premier Metals both personally and professionally. Both on the phone and in person, your team has always been helpful.
Josh, Wooster Buildings
I always love doing business with Premier Metals. I’m always treated fairly.
Joe, JT Construction
We really appreciate your service – it makes our job in the field easy.
Barkman Builders
I am very pleased with the quality of service Premier Metals provides, and I look forward to doing business in the years to come!
Leon, Walnut Creek Metals
Premier Metals is a great company to work with. Thank you for everything – it is a pleasure working with you.
Angelo, Battaglia Construction Inc.
Keep it up – it’s a pleasure to do business with you!
Twin Pine Carpentry
Premier Metals is a company that goes above and beyond what is expected.
Amos, Alpine Valley Construction
THANKS for all the good advice and for taking time with us, Wendall, John & Lamar. Keep up the good work.
Dennis, DM Contractors
Thank you for providing good products on short notice. It makes our job easy.
Barkman Builders
Thanks for the good quality metal and service that you offer to our business. Look forward to another great year!!
KT Custom Barns LLC
I've had a lot of experience with different companies and overall you're the best I've seen.
Mel Hochstetler
We really like your products and your packaging is great! Good Job.
J+B Construction
Keep up the good work, we appreciate it!
Yoder Roofing - Adamsville
Very satisfied, especially with service and quick deliveries.
Pine Acres Woodcraft
Each one of the drivers is just great! Where would I start looking for someone to beat your service? I sure don't know. Thanks!
Twin Pine
We haven't found any panels that fit or lap together like yours, when properly installed. We appreciate all of your drivers. They are very conscious of yards and flower beds on remodels. Very good drivers. Thanks!
Dennis, DM Contractors
Keep it up. Thank you!
Merle, Silas & Rachel, Yoder Family Roofing - Seamless Spouting LLC
You guys are the best! Thanks!
Mel, W.C. Roofing