Accent Rib (A-Panel)

Accent Rib, also called A-Panel, is a sturdy panel that is used for siding on wood or steel framed structures. This 26 gauge profile can be applied to buildings with purlin spacing up to 5 feet. It has a coverage width of 36 inches and can be ordered in a custom length of up to 46 feet.

  • For purlin spacing up to 5'
  • Coverage width: 36"
  • Length: up to 46'
  • 26 ga
  • Best application: siding for wood and steel-framed structures


Bright White


WeatherXL Textured


Antique Bronze


Sea Slate



Fluropon - Kynar 500



Dark Bronze


***Please note that colors may vary depending on your monitor's color display and/or your printer's color settings.

Accent (A-Panel) Color Chart

R-Panel Outside/Inside Closure Foam

Steelbinder Self Drilling Metal Screw

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